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Entry #3

People are stupid

2009-11-26 02:28:24 by KillamriX88

So... I understand that my latest submission isn't great. I even WARNED people that it wouldn't be great, and still some jackass leaves a pointless and hateful review. Though, given my experience with humanity, I can't say it was unexpected.

Hell, I probably wouldn't have submitted it except I wanted my friend to see it and I couldn't do it any other way.

Wanna know what really gets at me though? Most of the comments weren't so bad. Someone was even nice enough to give me a seven and a few were encouraging... and most of those positive reviews had been voted as "useless" or "not helpful" or whatever. Even worse, that hateful review was voted to be a good comment.

What. The. F**k.

The moral of this story? People are dicks.


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2009-11-26 04:04:30

No...the moral is that you should've expected this and questioned why you even submitted art/flashes you doubted would be good anyway.

My graphic art's teacher old me...."If your going to submit crap, your going to be treated like crap."


It greatly reflects upon your reputation as a future artist.

Be patient and work hard on what you want to work on and only present your work when you know you did a good job at.

People won't give you praise if you know you don't deserve it.

I once knew artist who went into total seclusion for a whole YEAR just so they could work on their skills and submit art/flashes/music that blew my mind!

And they were sucky before.

People are dicks...but you should've expected that...cause in a sense.

You deserved it. choose to openly present yourself to the scornful, judgmental, and and unforgiving public.

You shouldn't be offended by anything. Cause you should expect all kinds of reviews.

Take the situation as a learning experience.

And work hard on what you want to do.